Most Beautiful Places in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country but unfortunately, fewer people know about its beauty. If you would like to try something different on your next vacation then we will recommend you in this article some of the most beautiful places you should visit in Poland. Therefore, have a look at the below locations and see if you fancy any.

Tatra National Park

If you really want to see some stunning landscapes in Poland then you must definitely go to Tatra National Park. Here are some of Poland’s only real mountains where lies some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders. The breathtaking natural beauty from here will certainly impress you and make you want to come back for a second holiday. There are several hiking trails, subterranean cave systems, as well as dense spruce forests. All in all, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Poland where you can have a great time with the entire family. 


Malbork is nestled between the rolling fields of Polish Masuria and Elblag Lakes and it is one of the most amazing medieval relics in entire Europe. If you are a history lover, then there is no other place of this type in Poland. In plus, there are endless photo opportunities as the scenery from here is absolutely superb. One of the most wonderful views of the red brick fortress is certainly from the opposite banks of the Nogat River. From here, the red-tiled keeps, and the stunning towering buildings can be seen in all their beauty. Malbork is one of the most highly recommended locations in Poland.

The Krakow Old Town

If you are more into cities than into nature, then you must visit Krakow. The city was in the past the political, economic, and cultural hub of the Polish Kingdom as well as one of the most powerful town centers in entire Europe. You will have the chance to visit here some amazing Gothic church spires, winding cobbled roadways, and baroque frontispieces. The great Market Square, which is the largest of its type in Europe, is a veritable hub of local life. There are plenty of flower sellers, sprawling cafe terraces, and craft shops. Very close to it it lies the green belt of Planty Park, the wonderful Barbican fortress, and also the majestic heights of the stunning Vawel Castle.

The Masurian Lake District

Another beautiful place in Poland that you should visit is The Masurian Lake District, which continues to fill up with campers, sailors, and hikers as well. The best time to visit it in order to do all these activities is definitely the summer. The entire area is home to more than 2,000 charming lakes such as Sniardwy, which is actually the biggest lake in Poland, and Lake Mamry. In plus, there are also several rivers open for exploration and numerous charming towns like Mikolajki, Gizycko, and Elk. For nature lovers this place is absolutely perfect. Therefore, start packing your things and go to Poland for an amazing and memorable experience.

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