Cool and Unusual Things To Do in Poland

Even though many people choose other holiday destinations, Poland is without a doubt one of the places that you must visit once in a lifetime. If you decide to go here, then we would like to recommend you some cool and unusual things to do in Poland. Continue to read our article for more information.

The City of 300 Dwarves

Wroclaw is called The City of 300 Dwarves, and it is full of little statues that have been created to commemorate important events in the city’s history. The first dwarves appeared in Wroclaw in 1980, on white-washed graffiti as an important part of artistic protest from the OAM (Orange Alternative Movement). The city’s history is very interesting and if you visit it then make sure you learn more about it.

Explore the Amazing Biatowieza Forest

This is without a doubt a must-see location in Poland. Exploring this wonderful forest will make you realize how beautiful Poland actually is. Biatowieza Forest is Europe’s last primeval forest in entire Europe as well as home to the largest population of the European bison.

Take In the Zalipie Painted Village

Many tourists don’t know about this wonderful village, which is located in south-eastern Poland. It is quite unique due to its floral patterns that cover the entire place. The tradition is very old. It began one hundred years ago when housewives painted their houses in order to cover dark marks from soot. An excellent idea that lasted until today and which is highly appreciated. The picturesque and friendly atmosphere from here will surely relax you and help you completely recharge your batteries.

Visit the Skull Chapel

The interior of this amazing chapel is covered with over 3,000 bones that are beautifully arranged in decorative patterns. On the other hand, underneath the chapel are more than 20,000 human bones hidden in a crypt. The Skull Chapel was built in 1776 as a tomb for all the victims of the Silesian Wars, and it is today one of three structures of this type in Europe. The other two are in Portugal and Czech Republic.

Look Into the Past at Fotoplastikon

Fotoplastikon was once a popular precursor to film. However, today are only a few functioning devices around the world, and those who travel to Warsaw should head to Fotoplastikon in order to experience this old yet thrilling form of entertainment.

Spend an Amazing Time at Malbork Castle

This building is the perfect example of medieval Gothic architecture. The castle was restored after World War II, and it belonged to the Teutonic Order. In plus, it also served in the past as their headquarters. The Malbork Castle plays without a doubt a vital role in European history and it is seen in Poland and not only, to personify crusades in Eastern Europe.

Go Hiking

If you love hiking and you want to do some exercise, then the Grabarka Mountain is the right place for that. The location attracts over 10,000 pilgrims every single year during the exciting and unique Feast of Transfiguration. This massive mountain is covered with crosses of various sizes. Its miraculous properties were first discovered in 1710.

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